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We now have 8000 likes on Facebook


Because these websites are a personal project the cost of the VPS hosting became too high. Therefore the files were moved to shared hosting service. The database behind the websites is still on a VPS service.

The adding of thumbnails on was simplified so there is no longer the need to use a Wordpress plugin to add them.


Our Blogger website got a new lay out.


All ads have been removed from and


We now have 5000 followers on Twitter, 7500 likes on Facebook and 79 followers on Google+.


The thumbnails on are now created by Wordpress. This will make the site load much faster.


The number of likes and followers we have on Facebook and Twitter can now be found on a dedicated page: Social Media Statistics.


Some parts of this wiki were updated.


We now have 4500 followers on Twitter, 6500 likes on Facebook and 71 followers on Google+.


The loading of thumbnails on was optimized.


On august 24th and 26th both and experienced some down time. This was caused by a DDOS attack on our hosting provider Dreamhost.


We now have 6400 likes on Facebook!


The use of thumbnails on was optimized.


We now have 4300 followers on Twitter and 5900 likes on Facebook!


The thumbnails on are now created by Browshot and they are shown larger.


Because of spammers it's no longer possible to create your own Geo-How-To Account. If you want an account to edit this wiki, please mail to and introduce yourself. We'll create an account for you.


We now have 4000 followers on Twitter and 4500 likes on Facebook!


Due to problems with the previous template, we reverted to the default Mediawiki template.


The last few weeks we get more spam on this website. If you notice any spam on or, please report it to


There still was a problem with login via a Google account. This problem is fixed. You also no longer need a Google account to create account on Geo-How-To.


We now have 4131 likes on Facebook!


Login via your Google account was temporarily disabled, but now it's fully functional again. This wiki was upgraded to the latest version of Mediawiki.


Our Links Archive website got pagination and now shows 1000 links per page.


We had a temporary problem with the connection of to our MySQL database. We changed a minor setting and now everything should be working again.


We corrected the links to the JSON-feed on the frontpage.


We changed to a new domain registrar for, so both our domains are registered with the same company.


We now have 3000 followers on Twitter!


We disabled caching on, because new posts weren't showing fast enough on the front page and on some of our social media accounts.

2016/04/04 got a new layout.


We created the self-hosted Links Archive as the center for our social media posts as a replacement for The links to were placed back on the site, but now it's filled with the links placed on instead of the other way around. The JSON feed and the RSS feed were replaced by the feeds produced by Wordpress instead of


We gave up on, because their API and bookmarklets stopped working. All links to our account were removed from the website.


Both and have moved to https.


We changed the logo on the site.


We now have 2500 followers on Twitter!


The past weekend our websites had some downtime. Everything should be up and running again.

We changed the cron job used to trigger to another company, because the previous cron engine failed frequently.


We changed some fundamental scripts for, so we need to take less steps to spread the news.

We added a link to the News Archive on the Frontpage.


We also changed the name of our account.

We did some lay-out changes to and on


We also changed the name of our Delicious account.


We changed the name of our Facebook, Google+, Blogger and Tumblr accounts to


We changed the name and domain of our news channel to We also changed the name of our Twitter account to


We did some minor lay-out changes to the site.

We now have 2000 followers on Twitter!


We applied a new theme to the site, so it's easier to use from mobile devices.


We created a account to share GIS and Geospatial news.

Our site (Wiki and News) was down for a couple of hours due to a server hiccup. Everything seems to be up and running again.


We now have 1800 followers on Twitter!


We use different tools to share the geospatial news on different social networks. To share the news on our Wordpress site we now use Jetpack instead of IFTTT, because IFTTT would filter out hashtags and Jetpack doesn't.


We moved the hosting of this website to a VPS server to make it faster.


We now have 1600 followers on Twitter!

We no longer support OpenID as way to login to this website. You now need a Google Account.


We turned on page caching to speed up the site.

We had to do some adjustments in the tools we use to post to social media. Because of some errors we made special characters sometimes showed up as their html code (things like ’ would show up)on some of our social media accounts. We changed our tools and everything should show as it should be from now on.


Due to technical problems at, the news we spread through social media had been very minimal. The interesting links we share through Twitter, Google+, Facebook & Co will show up again from now on.


We now have 1400 followers on Twitter!


If you want to receive a mail with all the GIS, geospatial and geodata news once a week, subscribe to our newsletter on You can also use RSS and JSON to get all the news.


We now have 1200 followers on Twitter!


Now you can also follow the GIS and geodata news on our Facebook page.


From now on we don't only use Twitter to inform you about GIS, geospatial and geodata news, but we're also on Google+, Blogger, Wordpress, Delicious and Tumblr. Just pick your favorite Social network and see all the GIS, geospatial and geodata news.


We now have 1000 followers on Twitter!


We made some adjustments to the system settings of this wiki. Because of this the site is a lot faster now.


We now have 900 followers on Twitter!


The recent Mediawiki upgrade we did seems to be working great. It solved some technical issues we had after a previous bad upgrade attempt.

The technical issues at our hosting provider seem to be resolved, but we'll keep using the Buffer service to Tweet, because it will do a better job than IFTTT if the problems would reoccur.


Since our hosting provider isn't able to find what causes the technical difficulty, we changed from IFTTT to Buffer to post the tweets, because it can reduce that technical issue because of the way it works. For now that seems to be the best solution.

We have upgraded this Wiki to the latest Mediawiki version.


IFTTT mailed us about their technical problems, and gave more information to solve the problem. Since the Buffer service doesn't exactly work the way we want it (EDIT: apparently the problem wasn't with Buffer, but with our hosting provider), we changed back to IFTTT and hope their service keeps on working as it did in he past. We'll keep our Buffer account as a backup service. We'll keep using our Twitter account to inform you about GIS, geodata and geospatial software and services, no matter what technical services we use to do so.


The last days we didn't tweet anything to our Twitter account, due to problems with the the IFTTT service we used. We now changed to Buffer and everything seems to be working again.


We now have 750 followers on Twitter!


We now have 500 followers on Twitter!


Stay up to date on GIS and geo-data related topics, follow us on Twitter. We post all Geo-news there. We already have 350 followers on Twitter.


We now have 200 followers on Twitter!


We now have 150 followers on Twitter!


Our Flipboard Magazine text on the Frontpage was replaced by our Twitter Widget.


We created a Twitter-account for this wiki. It kan be found at


The statistics were updated after the Locations removal operation.


Due to DNS problems the website was very slow. The settings were reset.


The Semantic extension was removed from this wiki, because it made things to complicated.


The Locations Category was removed (including the related pages), because it had no real use on this wiki. This results in a wrong total article count.